There’s something in us that always knows what’s right for us.

– James Hollis

I support the process of restoring the flow of love.

It is our deepest yearning to feel a sense of belonging and to be making our unique contribution to the world.

Sometimes there is just something niggling in our blind spot that needs some loving attention before we can make our next move.

By shining a light of curiosity into our inner world, we reintegrate the parts of us that have been forgotten, and the gifts we buried with them.

Understanding nurtures self-acceptance, inner peace and love.

When love is flowing it gets our mojo working.

Then we can step into the world with our full wholeness and make it a better place for those around us and those who will come after us.

As a page that aches for words
Which speaks on a theme that’s timeless.

Neil Diamond

Work with me


121 sessions

My 121 work is a blend of Compassionate Inquiry, systemic coaching, constellations and emotional clearing.

Compassionate Inquiry

Gabor Maté has been hugely influential in bringing to light the connection between childhood trauma, chronic health issues and addiction.

Systemic constellations and coaching

Astonishing possibilities come to bloom when people gather in the name of love.

Emotional clearing

Every time you are triggered it is an unfinished emotional process offering itself for clearing.

About Kaj


My approach

My work is guided by my desire to restore flow of love and alleviate suffering. To help you turn what you regard to be shitty about your life into fertile ground.

Trainings and credentials

Latest: Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry, practitioner / 2022

My story

For a long time I believed the world was a dangerous place.

My philosophy

“Sweet are the uses of adversity, Which, like the toad, ugly and venomous, Wears yet a precious jewel in his head.” / William Shakespeare


“Kaj is an earth angel with a trickster uprising! You’re in good hands in every sense.”

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How can I help?

I offer a free 30-minute chat to see if we’re a good fit. Enter your information below and I will get in touch to arrange the call.

How can I help?

I offer a free 30-minute chat to see if we’re a good fit. Enter your information below and I will get in touch to arrange the call.


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