121 sessions

My 121 work is a blend of Compassionate Inquiry, systemic coaching, constellations and emotional clearing.

What happens in a session?

We first talk about what’s bothering you and how you’d like things to be different.

We give attention the body’s sensations to bring clarity about what is being held emotionally.
We then explore where this is coming from and what younger part of you is being triggered. What happened. What beliefs you took on about yourself and the world to make sense of it all. We explore what happened in your family system that you may be carrying.

In a safe space of acceptance, we gently sit alongside the child part of you. We give them what they needed but didn’t get at the time. We heal the pain of the child with the resources of the adult. We allow all parts of you to be seen, heard, understood and valued.

By updating beliefs and metabolising emotions we encourage love to flow freely once more.

The session concludes with us creating a plan for the week to integrate these new perspectives so that change can be nurtured.
By bringing together our adult and child parts learn to spot when the traumatised child is running the show and allow the adult to take the reins in future.

* For clarity it is worth mentioning that our ‘stuff’ does not just disappear through our recognition of it. Years of confirmation bias is what builds our strong personalities. Our triggers will always find ways of telling us what is ready to be looked at. We just get better at spotting it and soothing it.



Compassionate Inquiry

Gabor Maté has been hugely influential in bringing to light the connection between childhood trauma, chronic health issues and addiction.

Systemic constellations and coaching

Astonishing possibilities come to bloom when people gather in the name of love.

Emotional clearing

Every time you are triggered it is an unfinished emotional process offering itself for clearing.


A 30-minute ‘are we a good fit’ session is free.

How can I help?

I offer a free 30-minute chat to see if we’re a good fit. Enter your information below and I will get in touch to arrange the call.

How can I help?

I offer a free 30-minute chat to see if we’re a good fit. Enter your information below and I will get in touch to arrange the call.


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