Systemic constellations and coaching

Deep down, this love is only the recognition that, despite differences, there is a deep communion between human beings.

Bert Hellinger

Astonishing possibilities come to bloom when people gather in the name of love.

Constellations are an intuitive body-based therapeutic modality. They explore the ancestral and systemic influences on our present-day experience. A living map that gives us a wider perspective and more empathic experience of what’s happening for us.

They show us where love is being blocked from flowing freely so that we may restore that flow.

Constellations bring to light the truths that talking therapies don’t quite reach.

It is a tuning into the bigger picture, the systemic conscience, the knowing field, that gives us access to greater information. Patterns and entanglements that we are unaware of from past generations are acknowledged, integrated and released, with respect and love.

By exploring the intergenerational dynamics that invisibly influence us we restore a sense of balance and wholeness. By reintegrating aspects of ourselves and people that have been excluded or ignored we revitalize flow of love and belonging. What was previously thwarting our efforts is turned into a source of strength.

This profound healing modality reveals the very root of what is not flowing freely. I have witnessed extraordinary results working with various issues including addiction, chronic health problems, dysfunctional relationship patterns and conflicted money habits.

Constellations have brought huge insight and joy to my life. They have switched on my intuition and empathy. I feel connected to life in a way that I would never have thought possible.

Constellations can be facilitated either in a workshop setting or in a 121 (sometimes called systemic coaching), using floor markers or the hypno-constellation method.

It is always an honour and delight for me to share the experience of this beautiful expression of our interconnectedness.

Every child acts out of love. Even when disturbing, she acts out of love. You just have to find the point where love is.

Bert Hellinger

What happens

Group Circle

We begin with a check-in circle to bring everyone’s voice into the circle and to acknowledge each member’s belonging to the group.

We do a guided meditation and some movement to bring us into the body and heighten intuitive awareness.

An issue holder is picked based on who is feeling most ready.

The issue holder establishes what they want to work on; usually a change they would like to make. Members of the group are asked to represent key people, or elements, of the issue holder’s system. This is not about acting a part. Representing someone or something involves listening to the sensations in the body and observing the relationships with other members of the system. It soon becomes clear where the flow of love is blocked and the hidden dynamic that is still at play.

This offers the issue holder insight into their story, and they are better placed to move forwards with greater inner freedom.

The beauty of group work is that in representing, you always find resonance with your own open topics. Even if you don’t do your own piece of work, you give attention to what you need and receive healing movement that way.

* My workshops are charged at a flat rate to all attendees. Some constellators charge more for people to pre-book an issue holder slot. I prefer the traditional method of feeling into the moment to determine who is ready to work.

It is my absolute experience that everybody who partakes in a constellation receives what they need. It is always the right group at the right time.

1:1 systemic coaching

In a private session there are 3 ways of experiencing a constellation.

  1. Placing markers on the floor as representatives with the issue holder standing on them to experience the world from the perspective of that person or aspect.

  2. Using objects on a table to create a map that you can see.

  3. The hypno-constellation method. Using hypnotic trance to induce the experience of embodying the various elements of the system. I find this approach to be incredibly profound. I regularly meditate into my inner world and am always inspired by what is revealed.



121 sessions

My 121 work is a blend of Compassionate Inquiry, systemic coaching, constellations and emotional clearing.

Compassionate Inquiry

Gabor Maté has been hugely influential in bringing to light the connection between childhood trauma, chronic health issues and addiction.

Emotional clearing

Every time you are triggered it is an unfinished emotional process offering itself for clearing.


A 30-minute ‘are we a good fit’ session is free.

How can I help?

I offer a free 30-minute chat to see if we’re a good fit. Enter your information below and I will get in touch to arrange the call.

How can I help?

I offer a free 30-minute chat to see if we’re a good fit. Enter your information below and I will get in touch to arrange the call.


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